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Access Keys

This website uses access keys (keyboard shortcuts) to assist site navigation without a mouse.  The use of these keys will depend on your browser.  For example users with Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows need to click the access key while holding down the ALT key and follow this with the enter key.

Our access keys are normally highlighted on the visible page link by underlining the appropriate letter.  In addition some keys have a second, numerical, access key in line with UK Government recommendations.  The access keys are as follows:

S = Skip Navigation
0 or Y = This Accessibility page.
1 or A = Home page - About Rawdon Optical Limited.
8 or T = Terms and Conditions.
9 or C = Our Contacts page.
F = Our Find an Optician page.
I = The Trivex/Trilogy training page
L = Log In/Log Out for registered account holders.
O = The Order Form for registered account holders.
P = Privacy Policy.
R = Our Freeform Technology page.
U = Terms of Use.

Some popular browsers implement access keys as follows:

Internet Explorer: Windows: Alt+AccessKey followed by Enter
Firefox Windows: Alt+AccessKey or Shift+Alt+AccessKey on Version 2
Firefox Mac: Ctl+AccessKey
Opera Windows: Shift+Esc followed by AccessKey
Safari Mac: Ctl+AccessKey

Standards Compliance

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