SEER is an app operating on both Apple & Android platforms which allows you to track jobs real time via mobile devices. To download the App, type Seer on your mobile device. For more information about these new services, please contact Rawdon Optical Customer Service on 0113 288 3094. They will provide you with your Account ID and Password so you can log in and view your orders.

SEER allows you to view the status of orders sent to Rawdon Optical.

Orders can be searched by patient name or Rx number. Click a column header to sort by patient name, Rx number, status or invoice number.

Orders are colour coded as follows:

Transmitted to lab – cream
In process at lab – blue
Shipped from lab – green
Cancelled by lab – orange
Stock order – brown

At the beginning of each month Rawdon will make a variety of reports available. You can view history by lens style, material or coating. This will allow you to compare the same month from the previous year.

Download the app now for your device: