Super Multicoated Anti-Reflection Coating

Why we recommend anti reflection lenses:

The more light that reaches the eye the better the vision.

Anti-reflection lenses allow more light to reach the eye over standard lenses.

Anti-reflection lenses offer improved vision overstandard lenses.

Make a Smar.t decision.

With standard spectacle lenses only about 92% of the light that reaches the spectacle lens reaches the eye. A significant 8% of light is reflected back, away from the eye. The reflections you see in a standard lens are the 8% of light being ‘bounced’ back off the lens.

With Smar.t anti-reflection lenses 99% of light passes through the lens. Reflections are reduced to just 1%. So you can see almost zero reflections from an anti-reflection lens. Considerably more light reaches the eye and vision is better.

Assuming you want the optimum vision for your prescription, the decision becomes which anti-reflection lens to choose.

With a Smar.t lens you get the benefits of improved vision of an anti-reflection lenses over standard lenses with the added benefits of:

  • The quality hard coat on a Smar.t lens reduces scratching over time, keeping the lens clearer for longer and maximising vision quality and useful life of the lens over non coated lenses.
  • They're "hydrophobic". This means water quickly runs off Smar.t lenses in rain andis not attracted to the lens surface in humid conditions (steam, condensation etc).
  • They're oleophobic. Smar.t lenses repel any form of dirt and grease, keeping thelens clearer and improving vision further.

So, when looking for anti-reflection lenses, make a Smar.t choice.
Smar.t lenses are available as single vision, bifocal and varifocal with 1.5, 1.53 Trivex, 1.6 and 1.67 indices.